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6 Ways to Drink More Water

Even though I KNOW it’s important to stay hydrated, I used to have so much trouble drinking enough water. (Especially when I was commuting to the city 4 times a week!) It was such a struggle, and I would often find myself going looooong stretches without drinking any water and then wondering why I had a terrible headache. (Sound familiar??)

Here are a few ways that have helped me hydrate more.

Here are 6 Ways to Drink More Water: 

  1. Get a carafe or pitcher, measure its volume, and know how many refills you need to get through each day to get your full water intake. Glass is ideal!

  2. Add yummy infusions like lemon, lime, ginger (steep a few slices in hot water first for 10-15min), berries, mint or cucumber.

  3. Set a timer on your phone to drink water throughout the day. Do what makes the most sense for your schedule! Bonus rule: Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up, and 30 minutes prior to each meal to get your body’s digestion system doin’ its thing.

  4. Need to switch it up? Get fancy with sparkling water! Just be sure it doesn’t have any added sugars or “natural flavors” in it.

  5. Find a water bottle that you LOVE! If you love it, you’re more likely to use it! Bonus: throw an extra water bottle in your car, and/or leave one at work to be sure you always have a way to drink water while you’re out and about.

  6. Are you a straw person? Some people find that they drink way more water if there’s a straw in their glass. Best practice is to get a reusable straw that you can use daily.

So what finally worked for me? Now that I work from home, I found this awesome 35oz carafe and I make sure to get through two of them (= 70oz) every day. I squeeze half a lemon in each refill and I am good to go!

It took me about a month to build this habit, but now it's the very first thing I do when I wake up.

If I am out and about, I will bring my favorite blue Hydroflask water bottle with me.

What helps you drink more water? I hope you find this list helpful and inspiring. On that note - go refill your water glass!

Thirsty, and want to read even more about hydration? Check out my post–How Much Water Should I Drink?–to learn more.

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